Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Capture/Photographers Choice

Oh Dear was Mommy supposed to take pictures?
(This photo was messed with in PhotoImpact to try to remove yellow cast and sharpen that cute face a tad.)
She's busy trying to figure out how to take indoor no flash photos with her new 50mm 1/4 lense.
She did have fun in macro this week!
But mostly she's struggling with a yellow cast to the photos indoors. Anyone with any suggestions?
Stats...Metering-Matrix, shutter 1/60, Apeture F1.4, Exposure mode Manuel, Exp, =2.0 50mm, no flash, I did have my Hoya uv filter on.
Then Mom took of the filter to see if that was causing it...
Then Mom moved to a new room to see if it's the room
Then went back to the first room again.
And this is the first one sooc

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Go see the great photos at You Capture

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