Monday, July 6, 2009

Product Review

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Finally Companies are allowed to use Stevia  in their products. The ban has finally been lifted by FDA.

I have just tried Zevia natural Cola. 
My mom picked it up for me. It is a little sweeter than I prefer. (I am a diet Pepsi addict ) But I think with time I will come to love it.  And this company offers a huge assortment of flavors. They have Root Beer, Twist, Cola, Orange, Black Cherry and Ginger Ale. Unfortunately it's not available in my area. Have to get it 1 hour away. (Which is where my mom is)  So I have printed off this paper  and am going to see if my local Target will carry it. They claim to be hip and with the times so we will see. Also it is a store I already shop every two weeks. If they won't then I will try my local health food store. But I'de love to see a big store like Target carry it for them. Plus just look at the ingredients.

Coca-Cola  is bringing out Sprite Green and Odwalla juice drinks, sweetened with Truvia.

PepsiCo said its first US PureVia sweetened products would SoBe Lifewater in three different flavors. (But it's not a cola it's a sweetened water like Kool-aid, only better) It's not my thing.

While I am glad the big companies are going to carry Stevia sweetend products I will probably stick with Zevia as long as I can find it, to help the little company survive.

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