Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Equipment and Favorite Photography Sites

My Equipment
When buying cameras and lenses you want to make sure they are NOT grey. Also I always make sure I get a USA model.
Nikon D90 body
Nikon D40 with 18-55 kit lense (this is now my backup)
Nikkor 18-200 VR AF-S   I use this lense mostly outside. It's great to try and get closer to animals and such. Also it is not a prime so tight places I can get more of the surroundings in the image.
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AF-S  This is my favorite lense right now. I use it 90% of the time. I use it for all my studio shots.
Camera Body Armor I have 8 dc I wanted extra protection for my camera.
Nikon Remote Control This is great if you needs to get you into the picture.
Reversing Ring for Macro Photography  I really don't recommend this. It only works in VERY bright conditions.
58 to 52 adaptor Ring Which I needed for the reversing ring
Hoya UV Filters for each lense I have one of these on every lense I one to protect the front glass.
My Studio Equipment
Savage Background Stand
Savage Papers
Impact Convertible Umbrella-60"
Umbrella Bracket
10' Impact Stand
Nikon Sb-400 Flash  This is a pretty basic flash, it can bounce of ceilings and walls to give a softer light. Can also be put on a umbrella stand and flashed. If I was to buy again I would purchase a sb-600 or sb-800. Updated this flash does NOT work off camera. And I sold it to a friend. But still good if you aren't doing off camera work.
Nikon Sb-600 Flash  This is a very fancy  flash. Can even be turned to the side and lots of other things. But best of all it works off camera through my umbrella and with my triggers!

Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger
5 in 1 42" X 72" Reflector  This gives you a second light source without a second light.
My favorite baby background blankets right now are vintage chenille blanket white and pink.
Favorite Photography Books and Magazines
Learning to See Creatively by Bryan Peterson Check your library or inter-library loan.
Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson  This one I recommend buying.
Understanding ShutterSpeed by Bryan Peterson (I believe this one has his wife in a bikini if that's a concern to you.
Popular Photography  Very clean magazine
Favorite Sites to Learn Photography
Digital Photography School
Pioneer Womans Photography
Ken Rockwell's How To (this is mostly equipment )
Pop Photo Magazine and Site
Nikon's Official Site
Apogee Photo Magazine
Awesome Forum on Child Photography (you do have to join)
John Greengo at Creative Techs I HIGHLY recommend watching the classes live each week for free. The topic changes constantly.
John Greengo's 10 week Photography Class This class was excellent. And they still offer 15 minute the best of of each class. Then you can purchase individual classes for $15.00 each or $75.00.
Photography Schoolhouse   They have a wealth of talent that shares knowledge through webinars. Great resource.

Favorite Sites to Research Equipment
Ken Rockwell
Digital Camera Reviews
Pop Photo Reviews
anya e.
Patti Schmidt
Ree Drummond
Beth of I Should be Folding Laundry
Kim Cartwright Blog
Kims Photo Site
Anna of Pleasant View Schoolhouse
Heather Bailey (I believe the photos are mostly by her dh)
We Picture This
Eyes Of Wonder
Ni Hao Y'all
Vintage Girl
Rabbit Trail
Maternal Lens
Art Wolfe
ljholloway Photography
Linda Hawkins Photography
Andrea Joki
Lisa Kryschuk Photography
Crave Photography She is a phenomenal photoshop editor
Where I buy Equipment
B and H Photo and Video
Be careful there are a lot of crocked photo stores online. I stick with these too. No matter how good the price is. I would also trust amazon. But ONLY if it is actually coming straight from Amazon. Not if it comes from one of those other sites.

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