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Small Packages of Love

This was a bible study that I have no idea where I went to it or who taught it but I have kept if for lots of years. And thought it might bless someone else.

1. The Lord is my God. I love Him with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my might. Deut. 6:4,5
Affirm your love for God

2. Teach your children diligently  Deut. 6:7, Prov. 8 and 9
-Affirm your love for your children.
a. Talk with them
b. Meaningful Touch- affirming love- Jesus modeled this
c. Value them
Be their primary source of self-esteem,  Don't ask why questions, Don't beg your kid to do something , negotiate with them
d. Paint a Picture
Observe their strengths
Imagine a hopeful future

3. Beware of over activity-------
Eliminate and concentrate

4. Soft-side love vs. Hard-side love
Discipline- be consistent.  Know they are accountable to the Lord

5. Paint of Bright future of them

Successful parenting means-
a. becoming what you should be
b.  staying close enough for it to rub off
c. have things that are always the same- Go to church, school schedule, etc...

Activities for Fun with your Children
Kids Love:
A. To Plan- "design your summer days"
ask your family what they would like to do

(1) "Fun Festival" for the neighborhood
walk a relay race
lemonade stand
face, hand, foot, fingernail painting booth
peanut scramble
bobbing for apples
panning for "gold" in sandbox
water balloon target
obstacle course
group games
chocolate pudding pie-eating contest
slowest bike race

(2) Little Girls "Tea Party"
dress up in mom's old clothes
given new names- beauty marks
tell a story
cookies and milk
boys be the waiters

(3) Children's "Garage Sale"
Trade or sell old toys, books, records

(4) Pet Show
gather their favorite stuffed animals together
make ribbons from construction paper
Mom helps judge different categories and award prizes
Barbi Dolls or trucks in a line

(5) Friend Day
each member chooses one friend a week to spend a day

(6) Parties
cookie decorating
make your own pizza
make your own sundae
Saturday Night Family (pizza, hide and seek, blindman's bluff, video)

(7) Camping Trip
roasting hot dogs and marshmellows
living room

(8) Neighborhood Car/Bike Wash

(9) Neighborhood Newspaper
collect favorite poems, jokes, believe-it-or-not
report on vacations
mystery neighbor
polls on best restaurant, best movie, TV show, best sport, best laugh, best tan
develop a windwood court cheer
Ann Launders question and answers
"did you know?" - information from grandparents on the neighborhood parents

(10) Visit (these are Wichita Kansas locations)
Dad at work
Jabara Airport
a pet store (The Fish Pond)
Lake Afton Observatory
Hutchinson's Omnisphere
Clock Shop in Town West Square
The downtown library- by bus
A bookstore with "X" amount to spend
The country to pick some wheat
The river- take a pocketful of stones to throw
The paddle boats at Watson Park

B. Variety
(1) Meals
eat under the table
change chairs
feed each other
blindman's lunch
chopsticks meal
silent supper
whisper meal
singing meal
($.25 for no mistakes; $.05 deducted for each blooper; code; please- 1 clink on glass; thank you- 2 slaps on table)
candlelight meal
fingers-no utensils
using big utensils
parents only-kids to bed early

(2) Breakfast
out with Dad alone
in bed

(3) Picnic
in a new park
with the neighbors
bring a lunch to give to someone else

(4) Each child plans, shops for and makes a meal
calculator to add up the bill

(5) Backwards Day

(6) Change Bedrooms for a Night

(7) Walks
choose a color and see how many things you can find
God-created/ Man-created
queit walks (talk about what you saw and heard when you get home)
texture walks (gather rough/smooth items)
collage items found on walks on a brown paper sack- examine with a magnifying glass

(8) Change your name for a Day
beauty mark for each blooper

C. To Be Home
(1) Re-arrange the furniture- bedrooms
(2) Marble hunt
(3) Build "junk creations"
(4) Meaningful touch times
back  and foot rubs
tickle party
weigh and measure each other
(5) Keep personal diary- "I remember the summer of "2011"
(6) TV Newscaster
on tape recorder
things that happened this week
weather forcast
(7) Take lots of pictures
(8) Animal Hunt- hide stuffed animals around the house at night- look for them with a flashlight
(9) "Role" Chest
filled with old clothes, purses, hats
(10) Read a favorite story backwards or make up your own silly version
(11) Teach them to enjoy being alone
quiet hour every afternoon
(12) take a night walk
lay together and look at the stars

Play Dough
1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/2 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. baby oil
food coloring

Stir and cook for 3 minutes over medium heat until it forms a ball. Knead for a few minutes.

Fill a clean plastic container with 1 quart of warm water; mix 8 Tbsp. dish detergent and 6-8 Tbsp. glycerine; shake and pour into pans;
Tools: tape a group of straws together or coffee cans together or 2-liter pop bottle with end removed.

Rainbow Crayon Block
Save all bits and pieces of old wax crayons; remove paper; heavily grease a muffin pan and put 7-10 pieces of assorted color crayons in each cup. Bake at 275 degrees X 10-15 minutes or till just melted; cool and remove with knife.

Energy Cubes
1 Pt. Plain yogurt
6 oz. frozen orange juice
1 tsp. vanilla
honey, if necessary
Blenderize and freeze in Popsicle cups; may use other juices but don't add the vanilla

D.To be Outside
(1) Water
paint the house, fence, or sidewalk with bucket of water and old paintbrused
dishpan of soapy water- sponges, sieve, funnel, old spoons and cups
(2) Sidewalk Art Show
colored chalk
(3)Pudding Painting
with fingers
mix instant pudding
shelf or waxed paper
(4) Neighborhood Map
streets, mailbox, trees
(5) Make a TePee with 3 long Poles
lash tie at top and cover with sheet
(6) Croquet/golf from one object to another
fencepost to tree
(7) Scavenger Hunt
2 teams- 30 min. time limit
berry, 3 kinds of leaves, something blue, pure white rock, aluminum can, feather, something that floats, something square, seed, piece of tree bark, 2 kinds of grass, name a tree you see, something round, pine cone, red flower petal, clover leaf, bird feather

 E. Surprises and Secrets
1. "Someone Special is Coming to Dinner"
Bathe, clean clothes and hide in rooms,
prepare their favorite dinner, candy and flowers
make "name crowns"
call them when "the company is here"
treat them like royalty for evening
2. Love Notes
to praise, encourage, or remind
3. "Secret Word" Day
All laugh when a designated word is said i.e., day, hot, what
4. Hide Little Treasures
in sand box
around house
5. "Nickel Jar"
owe a nickel to the one who picks up after you

F.Being in the Car
1. Map of your town or vacation route
2. Jr. Trivia
3. Color Cars
each person chooses a color and counts the number of that colored car
color bugs (VW's) i.e., "red bug"
4. Wet Ones
silly putty
packing bubbles
Frisbee, balls and skipping rope in car
5. Spoonerisms
reverse beginning consonants of two words which belong together
i.e.  "dot hogs" - "hot dogs"
sand box,  bow tie, finger nail, side walk, mail man, tea pot, front steps, garage door, ear drum
6. Make up Stories
the cow who wouldn't moo... the day it rained up...
7. How would you describe?
a cabbage patch
darth vader
a rainbow
8. Dictionary
choose an uncommon word- guess the definition
9. Name that Tune
Christmas Carols or nursery rhymes
10. What if?
summer vacation came in winter
tires were square
raindrops were colored
all adults disappeared
candy tasted like vegetables
11. How Would You Feel if?
You were a car
an air balloon
a pizza
a fish
a flag
12. Name a job or profession that starts with the letters of the alphabet.
I'm going to Grandma's house. What are you going to take? I'm going to take Apricot. I'm going to take an Apricot and a Baseball...
"Clap-it-back" rhythms
Stop the car and read  when arguments occur, until they have settled.
G. Spiritual Vitality
1. V.B.S.
2. 5-day club
 neighborhood outreach
3. Take Time to Read the Bible
while eating breakfasgt
your example
4. Choose a Verse to Memorize
one person says the first word of verse and then continues around saying next word till verse is completed then put the verse to music
5. Sing Grace- Tune of Frere Jacque
"God our Father"
Once Again
We have come to Thank you


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