Thursday, July 30, 2009

You Capture/Friends

I was extremely blessed with a visit from my dear friend, Patrice in Kansas.
This is us together. My dd 19 took the photo. (slight adjustment to exposure in PI)
And her dd loving on my baby. sooc
And a few for fun for a photo shot. :)  sooc
(slight adjustment to exposure in PI)

Now I need to learn to angle peoples glasses to get rid of glass glare. Will play tonight and see if I can clone it out. sooc
More You Capture Photos Here


  1. Is this Patrice from TT2?? Tell her I said hello and give her a big ((hug)) from me too!

  2. Yes it is but this photo is really old. About 1 year. I am working on transfering totally off of homeschoolblogger. I will tell her hi for you though!


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