Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poor Man's Macro

Couldn't decide if this should be under craft or Photography so put it in both.
My 12 yr old son was reading Boy's Quest April/May 2009 copy, which is the Photography issue.

 In it they had an idea to use bolts, washers, wing nuts, nuts, magnifying glass and wood to make a camera able to take macro photos. He took it a step farther and made it so his can tilt and angle.
Here it is...

If you want to make one you will need.
 1 board any size; he used 11 X 13;
solid maple scraps
 1 carriage bolt 5/16  length 6 to 10";
 1 5/16, 2 " long bolt;
1 5/16, 1 1/2" long bolt;
5 -  1" washers;
2- 3/4" washes;
4 wing nuts to fit your bolt;
1 locking washer;
1 5/16 nut
1 camera to try it out. A point and shoot is fine.
Here a are his results. First a normal photo

And then Macro.
If you need better information just holler.
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