Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm a Mom to the Power of 7

I received my last Old Schoolhouse and thought the home schooled rindstone shirt was really cute. Then I went to the website.  And while I thought the shirts were really cute they were WAY to EXPENSIVE. Sorry I will NEVER spend $40 on a shirt. So I did what I always do!!!   I made one myself. (This is part of why Patrice named me Prairie Lady)

I found nice black tshirts for $6.50 at walmart. Then I found Iron on rindstones in the craft department for $2.00. They were on sticky paper in strips. I removed all the stones. Then I laid out the letters on at a time. Then stuck them to the original sticky paper that the stones had been on. And worked on it one letter at a time.They moved really really easily.  I think they turned out pretty good. Can't wait to mail Mom heres! And I loved the idea your a mom to the ____ power!



  1. I have the MOM to the nth power tee from Couture Moms and yes, I paid $28.99 on sale. These are NOT rhinestones, they are Swarovski Crystals. I have worn and washed (and dryed in my dryer) my shirt literally dozens of times and NOT ONE cyrstal has fallen off. Now I shop that site for every gift I get what you pay for. Good idea on the do it your self, but I LOVE quality. I have tried the iron on stones before and one time in the dryer - they fall off..I don't have time to dry flat or hang dry.

  2. I was online tonight looking to buy one of these shirts and realized just how much they cost, ouch! After reading your blog I was inspired to do my own so I went out and bought the stuff! Let's just say my 1st one didnt come out so hot, then by the 2nd one I finally was getting the hang of it and it looks awesome, I am making them for myself and my 2 best friends! Spent $5 on clearence t shirts and $1.59 on a package of jewels...awesome! thanks so much!!!!!


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