Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Things I Accomplished During Christmas Break!!!

1. Cleaned out 1 cabinet in Kitchen

2. Deep Cleaned Every corner of Laundrey Room
3. Sewed Repair Box, which was totally overflowing
4. Deep Cleaned walls and woodwork in hall and staircase
5. Sewed a Sling for Prairie Baby to be
6. Sewed a baby blanket edge
7. Crocheted edges of 1 baby blanket
8. Crocheted 2 baby hats  Baby Hat Pattern
9. Crocheted 1 pair of socks for me In your Shoes Crochet Socks
10. Crocheted a spiral scarf for myself (I found this book at my local library)  Crochet Scarf Pattern Book
11. Cleaned out the school cabinet
12. Cleaned all Cabinets in the main bathroom and deep cleaned that bathroom
13. Ironed all clothes
14. Did my first online lessons for knitting, learned to cast on and purl, just have to figure out how to make it even!

You'de think it was nesting, LOL but it's too early for that!

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