Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Heads UP Check out Targets Dollar Spot!

For about $2.50 each they had pedometers, yoga mats, little radio with ear buds, weights, fanny pack, gym bags, fitness and nutrition calendar (tear off page kind) and more. So Check your Target!

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  1. Hi Prairie Lady - I'm a prarie lady too - in Saskatchewan.

    Could you please blog about how to get outside exercise on the windy cold prairie in the winter - or for that matter, any cool day when the wind is blowing.

    As soon as I leave the yard, I'm up against the wind, and it's cold and makes my eyes tear (summer too)

    What would YOU do?

    I did get two friends out for a walk yesterday, it was lovely and warm, the snow was melting.. but that was yesterday.


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