Thursday, July 20, 2006

Giving up Diet Pepsi

I know it's bad for me. And I've recently learned it is a horrible acid and really messes with your system so I am giving it up. Not to even go into what the nutrasweet can do... I have given it up many times and it usually comes back eventually. But I am going to try again.
 I still love the flavor but am having lemon water with stevia much much more. And decaffinated Iced tea  and of course water instead.

It has been 1 1/2 weeks since I had a diet pop. I did have a normal sugar rootbeer float but that was a rare treat, so I didn't feel bad about it and only put enough rootbeer to coat the ice cream.


  1. I have issues with Diet Pepsi! I can't get enough! I have tried to limit myself to no avail. I have completely gone off of it at times during pregnancies, but have always started drinking it again. It has been on my mind to try again, for my health as well as my pocketbook. Your post has given me another nudge in the right direction. Thank you!

  2. Well I did have a relapse. I had one last week at the zoo when I couldn't find anything else and was really hot. And I had one today. But that is at least 1 week apart.

    But man I'm craving the stuff. I am back on track now! Back to tea, lemon water and water!

    You can do it! Even if you just limit it some it will be helpful!


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