Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tip for the Day...

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) polled 17,000 fitness professionals, asking them to name one exercise they couldn't bear to do without. Their top picks, according to rank:
1. Squats- quickly target all the major lower-body muscles and build balance and strength at the same time
2. Running- requires little gear and boosts cardio fitness and leg strength
3. Abs Exercises- are adaptable to ALL  fitness levels and can be done anywhere; you don't need equipment, but doing them on a stability ball works your entire core and reduces back pain.
4. Lunges- are great all-in-one thigh, butt, and calf strengtheners that also promote good balance and posture.
5. Walking- is a simple do-anywhere-anytime leg toner and cardio booster
6. Push-Ups- are a no-equipment way to target the upper body and core
7. Yoga- promotes coordination, flexibility, concentration and relaxation
(I would say the same thing for pilates and you have to beware of the meditation part of yoga)

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