Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Workout Music

A friend shared what music she listens to when she works out. And I realized I should do this also. So here are the songs I thought of so far. I'm sure I could find many many more. But this is already dreadfully long. So put on some comfy clothes and move! This is over 75 minutes of music. So you may want to pick songs from each section!

Warm UP
Aaron Shust

Starting to Move More

Ginny Owens- I Know Someone

Time to get Moving!
Gotta listen to some Krystal Myers!

Addison Road


Mandisa- Shackles

Britt Nicole- Ready

Cool Down

Jeremy Camp- I am Nothing

Sara Groves- Hello Lord

Rebecca St. James and Barlow Girls

Phil Whickham- Divine Romance

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  1. I didn't see the "warm up" designation at the top of the first section of videos, and I was thinking, "Wow, this is waaaaay too slow." LOL! I think I need a little faster/stronger beat than some of these. The second Krystal Meyers song is about right. The Switchfoot is about fast enough, but the beat could be stronger. (This is the problem I have with Alien Ant Farm's "These Days", also on my workout playlist.) So, Krystal Meyers must be the Christian Rock equivalent of Avril Lavigne, huh?;o) Enjoyed seeing your playlist!


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