Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You Capture/Old Signs

This was actually a lot of fun. They are hiding everywhere. Unfortunately a lot are 1/2 covered by a modern sign.
First ones I found were a grain elevator (not sooc, tweeked a little)

Then I made it to Main Street.

I have always liked this one and think that thing on top looks like a robot!

And this is a old theater that is still up and running.

I just love old buildings. Why can't we build them like this anymore?
(this is not sooc I played a little)
This was next to this theater.
And across the street.  (not sooc either)

But these are 2 of my favorite old signs. In the little town I live in. From the history I have found the partner to Cooper Hardware lived in my house many  many years ago. This building is about all I know about him. I hear he was a bachelor.

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