Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing 
Asked us to share how we wear our babies. My current love is a pouch carrier I made. I started off planning to make Simplicity Pattern 3712 which is an adjustable pouch. But I miss read the pattern and only bought 7/8 yard of the 2 fabrics at 45" wide instead of 60".  So I couldn't lay out the pattern. Well then I saw Steph's baby wearing video on how to wear your newborn. And she opened it up to show how to fold it and I thought I can make that. So I went ahead and made a non-adjustable pouch with just the 1 big pattern piece. I made it as long as the fabric I had.  This pouch is the result and we just love love love it. I love how small it folds. How easy it is to wear. I haven't used any of my other carriers this last baby but this one. Here Prairie Princess is helping me sew!

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