Friday, April 16, 2010

My DD made the cutest Baby hat and bloomers

I just had to capture them on my little "Dolly" before they ship out to the photographer who ordered them. If you would like to hire her knitting skills for your baby or prop just email us.


  1. Andrea.. may I ask where you got this dolly? I ask because it looks extremely similar to a doll that my son has had and worn out. (He is 20yo but profoundly disabled, in case you are wondering about the son/doll connection;-)) Anyway, we have been looking for a replacement but can't remember where it came from or what brand it was! Does yours have a tag or anything we could possibly google to find a source? thanks so much☺

  2. Awesome creations! The doll also stood out for me. It's a My Child doll I think. I still have mine from when I was a kid.:)

  3. Did I ever answer you Diane. I got the doll at a garage sale. As Poiema said it's a My Child Doll. You might find one on ebay or etsy.


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