Saturday, November 1, 2008

Making babies for Samaritians Purse Shoe Boxes

The children and I are working on packing boxes for Samaritians Purse.  The children are having so much fun finding things to fill their shoeboxes. I highly recommend it. And you still have time. Here is a link to nation-wide drop off locations. The drop off dates are November 17-24th.
Sleepy Sam

This is a free pattern but I believe you need a acct. to access it. Here is the ravelry link.
It is created by Owlishly.
Also made Bitty Babies

This is a free pattern. But on the top picture you can see that I altered the legs. I didn't like how short and fat they were. So when you get to the round that says to sc around 2 times  on the legs you need to do it 4 to 6 times instead. The rest of the pattern I did the same.
The blue bitty baby will actually go to ds almost 2, who will get it after the new baby arrives. The other one will go into a shoebox.

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