Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Planner or Organizer

First start of with a notebook and make it pretty! This one I did with  pictures that represent my life. You can do it any way! You will use it more if it is beautiful.
You need a zipper pouch to keep those little things you use all the time. Like pens, pencils, note pads, etc...

Next I made the dividers pretty also. I used slip in sleeve dividers. (Where its' plastic sleeve with a tab attached) I also include pictures to help prompt me to prayer. I think I found them at walmart or target.
My Home Organizer is divided in these categories...
Studies and Notes (I currently have an article about what people eat in different countries for 1 week, very humbling how much we are glutons!)
Calendar and Address
Household- Which includes a lending record and Menu section.
Cleaning- Has an emergency cleaning plan I got from this site, (I don't agree with all her views but she is a lovely Christian sister) diligence assignment worksheets from www.titustwo.com which is assigned chores for dc and myself , A dear online friends cleaning schedule that is inspirational. (thanks Katie!)
Bible and Prayer section- I keep photos of people to pray for. Prayer prompting cards by Stormie Omartian. I have husband and children cards.Prayer requests and a weekly chart to pray for certain things on certain days. i.e. missionaries monday, friends tuesday, distant family wednesday, etc...Plus a place to keep notes from bible studies I do or attend.
My Homeschool Organizer
Schedule- need to make a new one!!!
Weekly lesson plans
Grades and Attendance-
Notes and Ideas
Goals and Evaluations
Blank Forms

I get my pages from different locations. Some of my favorite free ones are from these sites!
Small Meadow Press
These are victorian and beautiful. A lot of pages specifically for homeschoolers.
Donna Young Printables
These are abundant. Everything from homeschool papers, calendars, etc...Her colonial ones are very elegant
Free Notebooking Pages
A lot for different specific homeschool subjects.
Free Homemaker Pages
These are specific to you the mom.
organized home
I also purchased this The home school Organizer by Gregg Harris. It is reproducible and will bring you years and years of service. It appears to be out of print but it is a good source. Although not pretty I do have pages I use  for homeschooling for record keeping. You can probably find anything you would need for free at the above sites.
This is my Homeschool Organizer. I keep a seperate notebook because the other just got to big!!!

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