Friday, November 14, 2008

Knitted a Perfect Baby Hat

This is designed by the Lovely Heidi aka ruthshands. She designed it out of desperation to find a hat that would actually fit a newborn. The yarn of this one is Berroco Comfort color way 9808.

This was also my first project made with double pointed needles.


  1. Thats soooooooo cute

  2. I just love your work sooo much. If we lived close, I would pay you to teach my children and me to do this. I wish I could take lessons with the children. I have been trying the crocheting, but I am not feeling very good about my work. I drop the stitches..ugh.

  3. I wish i could teach you. My dd could teach the knitting and I could teach the crochet.

    I'd put the word out to try to find a irl person to show you. that was the difference between me knitting or not...

    Have you tried the videos I posted???


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