Monday, September 8, 2008

New Pillows for the Living Room

Start of Pillows done. Have to wait until I can go to town and get more stuffing...

The above pillow is some of the nice fabric I got from down the streets upholstery thrift! It has a dark purple edge but it is hard to see in the photo. Plus a vintage button I had. grinn I plan to make 2 more of these big pillows. Plus 2 to 4 little pillows for the black couch. (It's not made as well and is uncomfortable. )

The middle fabric I saved from my old pillows. (It's the fabric of my curtains) and combined the new fabric plus purple. My favorite color. grinn
Total Cost so far $7.00.

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  1. I love the pillows. They are beautiful!

    Regarding Obama, the bible says out of the mouth the heart speaks. I can't imagine that, as a Christian, one would accidentally say "my Muslim faith". It was very clear. He was corrected by the interviewer. Also, having listened to his "pastor" the church he attends doesn't speak a Christian doctrine. Also, his family has quite a long deep line of Muslim faith in it. Don't you think it is scary that Hamas supports him as president, saying they want him as president? With that type of information, the arithematic points to this being a very concerning issue with him.


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