Friday, September 26, 2008

More Christmas Projects...

The monkey is 99.99% done. He's just missing a mouth. Sorry the photos so light. I needed to adjust the lighting but the mosquitos were comacozzy diving me and the toddler. And I wanted out! Here's his pattern.

I love love love this little guy. He is a Greek Tortoise. Isn't he adorable!!! Here's his pattern.

Next a marble bag... Although I'm not making it to hold marbles... You'lle have to wait and see what will hide inside. :) Here's the pattern.  And here's instructions how to make the cool cord. It's called a monk cord. Learn something new every day.

Here's a teddy bear. He was supposed to be a pirate. But I wanted him to have the option of 2 eyes. May make the patch to play with though.

And a better picture of the 12 pt. ball. Pattern is linked on another post.


  1. My you've been busy PL. I love the marble bag!

  2. I went to my local yarn store and bought a skein of sock yarn. ($7.00 I think) But I saw sock yarn at hobby lobby last time I was there.


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