Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning to Knit

My dd and I had some friends of hers come over and give us knitting lessons.

Just learning. The yellow block is mine and the white is dd 18s.
And yes I know that I dropped 2 stitches.

We had 2 girls teaching us. Unfortunately this is as far as they can take us. And they didn’t know how to pick up a dropped stitch. So I will look for online tutorial. But it was sooooo helpful to have someone right their saying no your doing it wrong. Her like this…. :)


Here is a list of helpful links to Knitting video starting help...



 Just found this long list of Knitting help on Ravelry. If you dont' know about raverly you really need to head over there...

General Knitting Help
Knitting Help: A wonderful video resource with demonstrations of pretty much any technique a newer knitter could need! If you only click one link, make it this one.
Knitting Techniques Blog
Knitting Step by Step Knitting videos!
Knitting Videos from Video Jug
Learn to Knit Five illustrated lessons
“How to Become an Expert Knitter” E-Book
Knit Abbreviations and Chart Symbols
“Knitopaedia”: Online Knit Dictionary Articles
Knit Simple Seaming Help

How To Read A Knitting Pattern
Yarn Standards Guide to Knitting Patterns
Helium on How To Read Knitting Patterns
A Video Guide to Knitting Patterns on Reading Knitting Patterns
Vintage Knitting Terms Explained
Glossary from

How to Check Your Gauge

How To Make A Fair Isle/Intarsia Chart
KnitPro - upload an image & make your own chart!

Knitwear Repair
Knitty ‘06 article
Mending from A Bluestocking Knits
Swiss Darning (AKA Duplicate Stitch)
How to Darn A Sock - You Tube video

How to Knit Stripes
Knit Jogless Stripes with TechKnitter

How to Knit Short Rows
From Knitty Summer ‘03
Short Row Shortcut

Sock Help]Sock Knitting FAQ
The Arachne Sock Calclator
Socks 101
Sock Guide

Sweater Help
Waist Shaping by Knitting Daily
Knitting Fool

How To Cable
Different Cables Stitches Explained
Cable With A Cable Needle
Cable Without A Cable Needle

How To Cast On
Knitting Help (Videos of Long Tail, Backward Loop, Cable, Knitting On, Old Norwegian, Provisional, Alternate Cable)
Techniques With Theresa, Summer ‘05 (Knitting On, Cable & Long Tail)
Techniques With Theresa, Fall ‘05 (Provisional, Backwards Loop & Tubular)

How To Block Your Knitting
DiY Knitter from Knitty, Winter ‘02

How To Make Stitch Markers
Illustrated Tutorial
Another Tutoria
lTutorial for making Photo Stitch Markers
How To Do Duplicate Stitch
Duplicate Stitch Tutorial

My dd has really taken off. She has figured out how to decrease and increase. And do purl. She is now making a shawl for her 18" doll and already made a bonnet.


 I have decided to make this bag...

And I got this yarn on sale to do it with. But am not brave enough yet to start it.


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