Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christmas is Coming...

Ok ok not really. But I'm having a baby at the beginning of December so if I'm going to make homemade it has to happen now.  Here is my progress so far.

This monkey is 100% done with the crocheting. But he's waiting for a trip to town to get him some eyes, floss for a mouth and those beads that help weight him.
Free Monkey Pattern.
This is a cool toy for the new baby. It will be a ball with 12 points.

This is a cool ball with 12 points for the new baby.

Free Baby toy Pattern.

Edited to add the baby toy is done!!!
Sorry the photo is so bright. I need to sit down and figure out the lighting on my camera. It's off somewhere.

6 more items to come. (When I start them.)


  1. I really like how that monkey is coming along!


  2. Boy have you been busy. I need to get that way. I've got plenty of yarn and patterns to make things.

    Did you use the yarn recomended in the pattern for the 12 point ball? Caleb loves balls and I'm always looking for one he can throw in the house without worry about hurting someone.


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