Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am so Excited!!!

My mom gave me a big box of chenille bedspreads. (aka old antique) in it. (2 were parts and 1 whole) There was a white one with blue designs and flowers, a solid pale yellow with line and dot designs, and solid pink. The pink one was 100% complete and in good condition so I gave it to dd 7 for a summer quilt. but I took the other 2 and recovered my crib bumper. One side has yellow and the other has the flowers and blue swirls so it's reversible.. Then I took the leftovers and made a quilt to match! Also reversible. They came out much better than I expected.


  1. Andrea.. these are just beautiful! I adore, adore, adore them... they look like baby linens you'd find in one of those super pricey catalogs, or baby stores. Well done indeed, my friend.

    *trying not to be envious of your vintage chenille bedspreads;)"


  2. Thanks Diane. My mom and I were talking about it and are both so pleased with how they turned out. No other baby will have what my baby has! I adore it. Don't think that blanket will be leaving the house though... Can't replace it if it would get lost.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Love ya,



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