Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Biggest Loser Power Sculpt Workout Review

The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt
(If you go to the link you can watch a sample clip)

What type of workout is this?This is mostly weights with Cardio mixed in to intensify your workout.

Level of workout... Most places I see say intermediate. But you can modify it to be beginner. It does have 3 levels. The 3 trainers take turns. And there are people doing it less intensely. Watch Heidi.

Who is the instructor?Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Kim Lyons.

What you like about it? This is a really hard workout the first several times you do it. But as you gain strength you can easily up the intensity with the size of your weights. So even when your strong you can keep benefiting from the workout!

What you don't like about it? Jillian says kinda rude things to 2 of the ladies, like getto butty, and calls one poodle and such.

Modesty Factor, Some are very concerned about the modesty of the ladies for there sons and dh's so please tell us how the ladies are dressed in the dvd's. As it is a frequently asked question.
During the actual workouts the only one who shows there middrif is Kim the instructor in level 2. Otherwise everyone is wearing tank tops and long shorts.

What type of music is played? Non discript instrumental

Where did you find this dvd/video? How long ago? Was it worth the price paid?
It came from Walmart for a b-day present. It is reasonably priced and definetely worth the money.

Mom-to-be How I modified it for pregnancy! Mom-to-be
In case anyone else would want to use it this way I easily modified it to work for me pregnant.
Level 1
#1 when she is doing the fancy push ups. You can NOT do the up dog pregnant. So I usually just hold in plank. DO a push up. Continue to hold in plank then move to the down dog.
#2 towards the end of level 1 she has you lay flat on your back for arm, leg and ab workouts. You MUST use pillows or folded blankets and raise your head above your heart. Then just do what she does. When she does the bottom lifts I am not strong enough to lift my leg but I can still up the intensity by crossing one leg over the other then lifting.
#3 She has you do bicycle. I changed to still being on your pillows lift your legs and then just move your elbows only from side to center to side. (remove the leg motions) then the second time she does it I do crunches instead. You will still workout your abs but you won't be twisting your abs all over.

Level 2
I do not recommend this level in pregnancy

Level 3
The only time you need to modify is during the push up section. I just modify like I did on #1 in level 1.

Hope this is helpful to someone. grinn

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