Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Warning on Lemon water in restraunts...

My dh sent me this video. While I highly recommend drinking lemon water for your health. See article... Article Drink that Lemon Water You will want to think twice about doing it in a restraunt again. Please watch this video...

Health Inspections report on Lemons in your water


  1. Our family eats dinner out regularly after almost EVERY Shabbat (weekly) and I can NOT tell you how much I appreciate you posting this!!!!!

    Our children (and most recently my husband) have come down with mysterious flu-like illinesses in the past and we've racked our brains to figure out where the sickness came from. We ALWAYS order lemons (actually EXTRA lemons) with our water and often forsake ordering soft drinks for our lemon water. Thanks again so much and {{{Hugs}}}}

  2. Glad to spread the word. Thanks so much for stopping by. I will head to your blog to check you out. :)


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