Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Aspartame WHAT are we drinking???

Blaine Staat from http://blainestaat.blogspot.com/. Had a wonderful article about what is really in our foods called...

Well Below the Limits of Safety?

Here is the information about Aspartame...
There is a lot of controversy about aspartame and what it may or may not be doing to your body. The aspartame industry insists that it is safe and has hundreds of scientific studies to back up their claim. Good thing too, seeing as how it is now used in over 6,000 products and is a proven moneymaker. One thing that even the pro-aspartame community admits, however, is that when ingested, 10% of it breaks down into methanol.

Also known as “wood alcohol”, methanol is so deadly you don’t even have to get drunk and wreck your car to kill yourself with this stuff. It just kills you flat out. But the industry says that methanol is also produced from the breakdown of many fruits & vegetables, and that the amount of methanol produced by the body’s breakdown of aspartame is 6 times less than the amount you’d get from a glass of tomato juice.

That’s certainly encouraging news if I was trying to rationalize eating aspartame and was looking for a good excuse to do it, but I’m not. Personally, the “whopping” 15 calories that I’ll get from a teaspoon of real sugar doesn’t bother me that much, and despite their best assurances, I’ll take my chances with the tomato.

If you want to read the whole article that includes Mercury, Lead, Benzene, Chlorine, Fluoride, Methanol go to the above link. Thanks Blaine and Cat for letting me post it.  Sugar is sounding better everyday. (the healthy raw kind that is!)

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  1. A recent study found that people who drink artificially sweetened drinks GAIN weight. 15 years ago a nutritionist told me that the aspartame fools the brain into thinking it needs to tell the pancrease to release insulin. Insulin increases, blood sugar drops lower than if they had just had sugar, person feels hungrier, eats more, gains weight.




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