Monday, July 23, 2007

Diet Tricks that Deliver

by Alison Stuart, Good Housekeeping Aug. 2007
No matter what plan you're following, certain weight-loss strategies are guaranteed to bring success. Try integrating these four into your life today

Don't Be Your Own Worst Enemy
Hide tempting snacks- if they're out of sight, it'll be a lot easier to keep them out of mind. One study from Cornell University showed that women who were offered chocolates from a clear bowl ate 71%more than those served from a dish that concealed the candy. The best way to go: Don't keep bad-for-you foods in the house at all (If you don't buy it, you can't eat it)

Stay Strong
If the scale goes a couple of pounds in the wrong direction, there are ways to get back on track. One trick that works: Write down not only what you eat, but what triggers your appetite. For example, you might find that you do well all day but mess up with midnight snacking. Or that 3pm. in the office might be your lethal hour. Once you know your weakest times, you can defend yourself with safer snacks.

Get Moving
You can shed pounds with just 30 minutes of exercise a day (and yes, speed walking counts, even if it's just up and down the hallway).

Eat Slower
Anything that lengthens your meal is good for weight loss, because your brain needs 20 minutes to get the signal that your body is full. The simplest way to avoid rushing; Choose time-consuming foods. Dishes that are hot, for example, take longer to eat. And work hard for your snacks- freeze a piece of dark chocolate and see how lond it takes to nibble your way through.

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