Monday, April 2, 2007

Seven Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

The Seven Steps...

I was reading Eating Wells latest issue. They have an article about their new diet called the Eating Well Diet. This is a very balanced diet and pretty much appears to be what I did to lose those 40 lbs. and what I am doing now to lose my baby weight. If you are not familiar with Eating Well you can get a free issue here. Eating Well Magazine. 
The Seven Steps are...
Step 1- Make sure you are ready for change
Step 2- Set Goals
Step 3- Track Yourself
Step 4- Eat Mindfully
Step 5- Commit to Move More
Step 6-Get Support
Step 7-Have a Long-Term Plan
You can read more at the full article at their site. The Eating Well Diet.

Free Printables Available
Pluses and Minuses Checklist
Body Mass Index Chart
Goal Setting
Weight Tracker Chart
Food Diary
Activity Log
Calories Burned Chart
Call in the Troops
Back on Track

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