Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2 funny stories from a book I'm reading

I am reading... House Calls and Hitching Posts and I thought you'll would enjoy this funny TRUE story! (The book is about a doctor who catered to the Amish in Ohio)

"An English woman was pretty up in the air about all these baby calves tied to the hutches around the barn- taken away from their mothers and all. She told the farmer she had a mind to report such inhumane treatment, and the farmer should be ashamed of himself for doing that. Well, the farmer didn't say much, and was real calm-like till she got done fussin'. Then he says, 'Lady, it's like this. Them cows is career women, and we're just runnin' a day care center for their young'uns'. And she didn't have another word to say."

and the second funny story, this happened at an Amish birth center...
A nurse walked into the kitchen one morning to find an Amishman contentedly browning his bread on the wonderful new gadget called a toaster. Carefully, he laid the two slices of bread across the top of the four-slice toaster. He pressed the lever down and oserved that the coils down in the belly of the appliance heated up. What a slick contraption! After a few seconds, the man lifted the corner of one slice to see that it was nicely brown-and-white striped. Hmm. These gadgets make fancy bread. He flipped the slices, waited a bit, and picked up his zebra-striped bread. Strange, he thought. He liked all his bread toasted, not just parts of it. Oh well, some people must like it this way. Not too efficient, though.
The nurse picked up a piece of bread, adjusted the temperature control from 5 to 3, and dropped the slice into one of the slots. "If you toast your bread inside the toaster instead of on top of it," she suggested, " you can do 4 slices at once, both sides at one time, and it won't be striped like a zebra!"

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  1. I really liked this book too. It is one that I am going to keep holding on to and re-read. I asked when I visited Sugarcreek in 2006 if I could visit the birthing center but it was another hour drive so not feasible for the girls at that point :( Maybe another time.

    God bless,



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