Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 weeks Post Partum, getting back to it!

Today I weigh 175. I am 5"6' tall.  I'm fitting a 16 jean comfortably. I can get my 14 on and can zip them, but they are very uncomfortable and my fat plunges over the waist band.   so I think in about 5 lbs. they will probably fit again. My new skirt is a 14.

My goal is to fit my skinny clothes again which is 85% of my clothes in my closet. At my lowest before PB I weighed 158. So my current goal is 160 lbs. Then after I achieve that I will re-evaluate and see if I need to try for 150. (Which was my original goal the first time I lost weight, that I never made it to)

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