Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am Definetely Nesting!!!!

Red is what I did the first  week of January!
Blue is second  week of January.
Yellow is what I accomplish 3rd  week of January.
Pink is the 4th week of January.
Purple is the last week of Jan./1st Feb.

Ok Here is my List!
1. Get rid of 1/2 of stuff in attic cheer
2. Help guys deep clean room and their attic
3. Help Girls deep clean room and their attic

4. scrub all cabinets and shelves
5. clean all light fixtures
6. scrub edges of kitchen floor with toothbrush or sos
7. scrub baseboards with scrub brush, mostly hall

8.clean under oven and fridge
9. wash ALL bedding
10. wash all baby clothes
11. dust all blinds
12. clean all curtains/iron/rehang
13. turn mattresses
14. clean inside of windows/ including wood
15. clean inside of oven
16. Clean Toaster inside and out
17. clean washer and dryer and under them
18. clean insides of trash cans
19. wash table, and chairs, everywhere
20. clean telephone
21. clean computer screens and keyboards

22. deep clean fridge 1st week feb.
23. Deep clean freezer

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