Tuesday, October 3, 2006

If you don't snooze, You may not LOSE

If you skimp on sleep, you may lose the ability to shed pounds, according to a recent study conducted at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Researchers there studied the sleep habits of over 68,000 women during a 16-year period. Results revealed that, on average, women who sleep 5 hours or less each night are 32% more likely to experience a big weight gain (which they defined as 33 pounds or more) and 15% more likely to be obese than women who sleep at least 7 hours. Additionally, another new study from Laval University in Quebec looked at almost 750 women for a 10-year period and found that those who slept 6 to 7 hours a night were 11 pounds heavier than those who were in dreamland for 7 to 8 hours. Experts involved in that research suspect that extra sleep may increase the levels of a hunger-suppressing hormone called leptin.
So get your beauty sleep!

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  1. I average 6 hours of sleep a night. I need to try and improve this. Last night I only had about 5 hours.


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