Monday, October 23, 2006

Give your Body a Break

Give your Body a Break. Relief!

You should take 1 day off every week for your body to rest, recover and recuperate from exercising. You will actually see better results this way!

From an article online
Peak performance results when you balance exercise with plenty of rest and good nutrition. Asking your body to do more than usual creates an overload. The overload stresses your body, and as your body recovers and adapts to the overload, you become stronger, more muscular, faster, or a better athlete in whatever capacities you are training.
Without rest, your body cannot adapt and performance suffers. So does your health. Symptoms of overtraining include the following:
*Decline in performance, e.g., you can't run your usual distance as fast as usual
* Change in mood, increase in fatigue, irritability, depression, apathy
*Persistent aches and pains
*Elevation in resting heart rate
* More frequent colds and flus
*Trouble sleeping

Take at least 1 rest day a week. A day off doesn't mean you must stay in bed. Just do something low intensity and different: walk on the beach, take your kids to the park. Just hang out at home.

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