Friday, October 6, 2006

A Felting we will go...

Ok I'm on the start of a New type of Project. I found these 100% wool sweaters at Goodwill. They will become fabric to make  Little Lamby.

Thanks Mrs. Wilt for sharing that link!

Step 1 finding 100% wool items to shrink

Step 2 clean on very HOT temperature, my yarn shop suggested baking soda to help it shrink more by changing the ph. Then drying and airing out on the clothes line. 

They are much much smaller now!

Step 3 Layout and cut your pattern.

Step 4 Hand sew your little lamb together. The directions are really easy to follow at the link below!

Step 5 She is almost done!  I added her bow and felted flower. Now I just need to find my floss to sew cute little eyes and nose. You can use buttons but this is a toy for the new baby. (Due in February)

Step 6 She is done! Isn't she a cutey!

I am planning to use the cream for her body, the lilac for a flower at her neck and the green for the leaves!

Not sure what other projects I will make with the fabric.

Maybe these...

Vintage Booties

Martha Stewart Baby Shoes

Scotty Dog

And I have to thank my dear friends



For inspiring me! Thanks Ladies!


  1. Hello PrarieLadyCraft,

    Your blog looks like it will be fun. I will come back often. My blog is still under construction as well. I welcome your response.



  2. I look forward to seeing all your creations.


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