Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Reminding Myself Why I don't Want to Drink POP!

Coca-Cola, Cadbury added to benzene lawsuits

By Chris Mercer
5/24/2006- Coca-Cola and Cadbury Schweppes have joined the list of beverage firms set to be sued in Florida over allegations their drinks contained benzene, 15 years after the industry first pledged to fix the problem.

I do NOT want to drink BENZENE!  To read the whole article click here!

What exactly can Benzene do???

Benzene exposure has serious health effects. Breathing high levels of benzene can result in death, while low levels can cause drowsiness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, headaches, tremors, confusion, and unconsciousness. Eating or drinking foods containing high levels of benzene can cause vomiting, irritation of the stomach, dizziness, sleepiness, convulsions, rapid heart rate, and death.

The major effect of benzene from chronic (long-term) exposure is to the blood. Benzene damages the bone marrow and can cause a decrease in red blood cells, leading to anemia. It can also cause excessive bleeding and depress the immune system, increasing the chance of infection.


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  2. I received an email today that they shipped the book out this afternoon. I hope you have great weekend. Greg is off Friday and Monday. I will try and call you Tuesday.

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