Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hard to Find Hard to Keep

What's the most elusive component of fitness?
Recognize that even when we make smart and necessary changes, we shouldn't expect them to feel good right away.
Abandoning your usual habits and trying out new behaviors is often uncomfortable and disorienting, and it can take awhile before the changes we make (e.g., eating fewer calories, exercising more) start to pay dividends.
Once you tell yourself it's ok to feel anxious or even temporarily discouraged about your new efforts, you'll be freed of the pressure of counting on instant success. You won't beat yourself up for not immediately loving a new exercise class or for wanting to indulge in chips rather than carrots. Most important, if you give yourself the leeway to experiment to find what works best for you, you'll end up with better results (just keep the faith that you will succeed eventually.)

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  1. Here I sit drinking my diet soda when I know my body doesn't do well with artificial sweetners (never mind all the chemicals). All because I'm suffering from low motivation. Think I'll go do something about that. Thanks for the boost and have a great day.


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