Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What an Inspiration!

I am currently reading "Better Body Management by Stormie Omartian. In it she refered to a lady that was 103 and an aerobics instructor.

I did a google search and found this, wish I could have found more...
At 105, Geneva McDaniel taught aerobics daily at her senior citizens
center. Now she's 107 and recruiting residents of her retirement community
to exercise with her.

One thing Stormie brings out is how much she admires this lady. To be active and healthy at any age is a blessing, but to be able to help others find their way to fitness at 103 is inspiring. The imortant issue is CONSISTANCY.


  1. I think I am going to get that book. :0) My grandmother just turned 100, and though she is not an aerobics instructor she lives on her own, does her own yard work (much to the dismay of family members, LOL), drives, and loves to learn new things. She has never dieted, but always ate in moderation. I remember living with her and it was never "Clean your plate." but rather when you are full stop eating.

  2. There is only the one chapter in the book that talks about Geneva. But so far the book is very good. I didn't relize she didn't make that first exercise video until she was 43. (Stormie)

    Sounds like your grandma is a real jem!

  3. Way to GO! I am currently about 207 and would like to lose alot of weight as well. I am going to add your blog to my bookmarks and try to read up on many of your posts. =0)

  4. I hope to (MOST DAYS!) Put a tip a day mon-fri. So I should be updating fairly often!


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