Friday, May 12, 2006


Write down everything you eat! And at the beginning I recommend measuring your food so you know what a serving is. I have a small notebook I carry with me and write down everything I eat in it. I also have a large notebook that I keep other information in. I have it divided into sections. Journaling, where I write down all my measurements. I have a graph showing the weight loss. Before pictures to motivate me NOT to become that again! And occasionally I write my thoughts. Then I have Success stories section. I get articles about people who have lost weight from magazines, and have also printed ones from online. Then when I am having a bad day I read one of them and it usually motivates me that if they can do it I can also. The other sections are Exercises, which I put articles in, Recipes, Tips and Herbal articles. (that is an interest of mine) I am not saying this is the way you should do it. But just how I am doing it and works for me!
Also a great source that many ladies love is...
fitday You can track what you eat and it will tell you your calories in the food. You can also track your exercising.

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